59 Style 'Two-Prong' Belt Straps


**These belt straps ONLY FIT our custom CNC milled belt buckles with the two-prong attachment.** 


Product Description

  • This belt style will fit any CNC milled 59 Belt Buckle with the two-prong and pinch clip setup.
  • Leather belt with urethane synthetic finish for durability
  • Maximum size 48"
  • 1-1/2" Width
  • A 59 Traj-bag is included with purchase (pictured)
  • Ships within 2-3 days of purchase


**Sizing Instructions can be seen in the image gallery above**


Any questions can be directed HERE

59 Style - Two Prong Belts

  • We can make any Exotic or Calfskin belts found on our website in this fitting style (two-prong).

    To order or inquire, email: trevor@59belts.com