Original Series #1 - 'Brotherherd'


Each Birdie Nerd is one-of-a-kind and created by Partoshi.


Your Birdie Nerd NFT is minted on the Polygon blockchain to create an immutable record of ownership. We will follow up with you after purchase to secure your Ethereum address, or we can host your Birdie Nerd NFT for you for future use.


Buyers of Birdie Nerds will receive a lifetime discount of 15% off ALL Exotic belt orders. A personal discount code will be generated and emailed to you after purchase, to use on future Exotic belt purchases.


You can also EARN Birdie Nerd NFT's.. Review the informatioin on the previous page for more details. 

Birdie Nerd NFT #59154

  • #1 Purchasing a Birdie Nerd earns you an automatic 15% lifetime discount on our entire exotic belt lineup.  


    #2 A Biridie Nerd NFT is a one-of-a-kind collectible that is recordered on the blockchain. You have the exclusive rights to sell or trade it. Over time, and with your help, Birdie Nerds will become the top NFT project in golf and appreciate greatly in value. 


    #3 This is Series #1 which means you are EARLY, and can take advantage of being able to get one of the origininal Birdie Nerds!


    #4 Owning a Birdie Nerd is a fun way to show you're part of the Birdie Herd!