Men's Genuine Exotic Hand-Painted Alligator Belts

American Alligator is one of the most prized exotic skins, popular for its use by high-end fashion brands. Our hand-painted lineup offers a great selection of colorways to help find a style that suits you. 


59 REVIEW: The most prized skin in exotic belt in our lineup. You can't do more to get the flash in your dash than with a two-tone Alligator belt selected from this collection. 10/10!



We will follow up after you place your order. Any possible mistakes or oversights during the ordering process can be rectified then.


Product Description

  • Snap closure for easy buckle replacement
  • Customize with stitch color
  • Available in two widths to accomodate women, or men's business attire
  • Select from one of 3 belt buckle options
  • Handmade in the USA by highly skilled Craftsmen from only the finest materials and Alligator skins available
  • Custom made to fit either traditional single prong or 59 style buckles
  • Two week delivery on custom orders
  • Note: Each exotic strap in our lineup is individual in color and skin characteristics. Sample images provide a ‘closest to’ finished product that is possible. Actual skin patterns and color might vary.


Value Added

  • Purchase includes a belt buckle of your choice and one of our 59 Tour Belt Bags (pictured)



  • First-time exotic belt customers will receive a FREE-COLLECTIBLE Birdie Nerd NFT. See more details in the 'EARN A NERD' section to the right. 



**Sizing Instructions can be seen in the image gallery above, or HERE**

Men's Genuine Hand-Painted Alligator Skin Belts

  • **Please ensure that you follow the sizing instructions exactly as shown in the image gallery.**


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