Men's Genuine Exotic Gloss Ostrich Leg Belts

This exotic skin taken from the shin of the bird, offers a very unique pattern in a variety of colors and finishing options (Gloss, Matte & Suede). 


59 REVIEW: Although Ostrich Leg is not as well known as other higher profile exotics, we consider it to be one of the best looking mid-range price option in our exotic lineup due to it's unique skin pattern and various finish options. Perfect for the office or the golf course.



We will follow up after you place your order. Any possible mistakes or oversights during the ordering process can be rectified then.


Product Description

  • Snap closure for easy buckle replacement
  • Customize with stitch color
  • Available in two widths to accomodate women, or men's business attire
  • Select from one of 3 belt buckle options
  • Handmade in the USA by highly skilled Craftsmen from only the finest materials and Ostrich Leg skins available
  • Two to three week delivery on custom orders depending on time of year
  • **Note: Each exotic strap in our lineup is individual in skin pattern and color characteristics. Sample images provide a ‘closest to’ finished product that is possible – Actual skin patterns and color might slightly vary
  • **This belt style can be customized to fit any ‘two-prong’ CNC milled 59 belt buckle (Email to order)


Value Added

  • Purchase includes a belt buckle of your choice and one of our 59 Tour Belt Bags (pictured)



  • First-time exotic belt customers will receive a FREE-COLLECTIBLE Birdie Nerd NFT. See more details in the 'EARN A NERD' section to the right. 



**Sizing Instructions can be seen in the image gallery above, or HERE**

Men's Genuine Gloss Ostrich Leg Skin Belts

  • **Please ensure that you follow the sizing instructions exactly as shown in the image gallery.**


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    - 59 HQ