Partoshi Originals are one-of-a-kind pieces that are created to capture the current cultural hot topics in golf, and memorialize some of the games greatest moments of the past. 


Partoshi Original buyers will receive a LIFETIME DISCOUNT of 25% off of our entire Exotic belt catalog.


After purchase, your Partoshi Original will be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain to record an immutable record of ownership. It will then be transferred to your ETH wallet address.


**Purchase price includes Ethereum gas fees**

Partoshi Original #02 - Skeletons

  • This Partoshi Original NFT will be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain after purchase. Please enter your Ethereum wallet address in the notes section at checkout to receive the transfer after minting.


    ALL Partoshi Originals are minted on the Ethereum blockchain. If you do not have an Ethereum wallet, I can send you a non-minted version and hold the original in our posession until you need it transferred. Please add HOLD MY MINTED PO in the notes at checkout and I will email you the non-minted file. 


    All purchasers will receive a 'sample file' immediately after purchase in the email inbox you used at checkout. The actual file or NFT transfer will take place within 24 hours of purchase.


    - Partoshi